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Personal Protective Equipment

What Types of Scenarios Should Personal Protective Equipment Be Worn In?

When you hear the term personal protective equipment, many people often think about the equipment that doctors and nurses use when they are operating on patients or working on patients with highly transmittable diseases. However, while many medical professionals use a wide array of personal protective equipment, such as face covers and respirators, they are not the only types of professionals that use PPE. Here are some of the other professions or scenarios when using PPE is common.

One of the types of professions that frequently wear personal protective equipment, including face covers and respirators, are mold or asbestos remediators. Mold and asbestos remediators come into your home and remove the unhealthy asbestos or mold that may be on the ceilings or growing behind walls. They wear PPE and respirators to help ensure they are not breathing in mold spores or bits of asbestos. Many individuals who do woodwork and/or painting also wear masks and respirators. It helps to protect their lungs from inhaling sawdust or paint fumes all day. Lastly, more and more everyday people are wearing personal protective equipment, including face covers and respirators, and gloves, when they are interacting with the public for work. Bus drivers are wearing masks so they do not catch germs and grocery store employees are wearing gloves to protect their hands against the Corona Virus.

Personal protective equipment is being worn in many different industries, especially right now during this pandemic. If you are responsible for buying items for staff, such as face covers and respirators, Glove One Company has the supplies you may need to keep your staff safe. Visit our website today to see all of the products we sell and then place an order to help protect your staff.

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