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Lab Gowns

The Benefits of Disposable Lab Gowns and Lab Coats

While some doctors do wear reusable lab gowns and lab coats that can be laundered and reworn, more and more doctors and staff are opting for disposable lab gowns and lab coats. If you run a medical facility or are in charge of ordering for one, you may be wondering why disposable items are used, and what the benefit is to ordering disposable ones. Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with disposable lab gowns and lab coats and why this should be what you order for your staff.

One of the top reasons why more and more medical staff are opting for disposable lab gowns and lab coats is because they do not want to have to take their lab coats and gowns home with them and launder them. Those items can have germs and bacteria on them that they are taking into their cars and/or their homes. Another reason disposable items are best is that they can simply be tossed if they get bodily fluids on them. When you are working with people all day, you can get blood, throw-up, or other fluids on your clothing. Lastly, disposable lab gowns and lab coats are sterile. Items that are washed are not sterile. In a hospital environment, you want everything as sterile as possible, and disposable items help you accomplish that task.

Here at Glove One Company, we can supply your hospital or medical facility with all of the lab supplies and personal protective equipment that your staff may need. Visit our website today to see what types of products we carry, such as lab gowns and lab coats. If you are ordering a large number of items, reach out to us to discuss wholesale rates.

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